Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Try This Tuesday: Choose a Good EVOO

Recently, on The Genius Life, Max Lugavere had olive oil expert (oleologist) Nicholas Coleman on his podcast (episode 31). He talked all about how to select a great EVOO. It’s a good episode if you’d like a bit of a deep dive. He also addresses EVOO and higher heat cooking. Here are some tips and tricks when you’re buying (and storing) your next bottle:

1. Know the source. Nicholas Coleman makes similarities to wine when he talks about olive oil. You wouldn’t just want to buy a “red” wine – you’d want to know where it’s from. Good producers are proud of their product and want to be transparent. The olive oil should have a source/harvest date. Although some wines have aging potential – EVOO definitely doesn’t.

2. Oil should be stored in a dark, glass bottle (never plastic) in an amount you will consume within 2-3 month period. (Make sure you place your bottle away from light and heat once in your home).

3. It’s ideal if you can taste the oil before buying it. It should taste vibrant and clean. “Tingly” on the tongue is an attribute of quality.

Did you know? All olives start their life green and ripen to deep purplish back. Their color reflects the stage of maturation!

Did you know? Olive oil is a unique plant in oil in it’s fat composition – ¾ of the fat is in the form of oleic acid (which is classified as an Omega-9 fat)!

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