Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Try This Tuesday: Create a Capsule "Menu"

You’ve heard of capsule wardrobes, right? The idea is that you carefully and thoughtfully select pieces of clothing that you enjoy wearing, and yet are versatile enough to mix and match for the season. Basically, the whole idea is to keep it simple; know what you have; love what you have; don’t spend a fortune; and adjust with the seasons and weather!

So why not use that same logic to create a capsule menu??

I know that in order for my clients to follow through with healthy eating, it needs to be kept simple! That means: no super-fancy meal plans to follow, not having to locate and buy 5 special ingredients for a dish that you may only make once (shout out to Gwyneth Paltrow and her beautiful yet highly complicated recipes hehe), and generally not having to overthink or overcomplicate things in your already complicated life.

Here’s the thing: a capsule wardrobe only works because you are ok to wear some of the same things over again. You create variety within by coupling different pieces together to make a whole new outfit. It’s the same way with a capsule menu. Just be willing to mix-and-match and adjust with the season! (Bonus points if you’re also willing to eat “dinner” for “breakfast”).

Build yours based upon these factors:

*family approved (including you)
*somewhat healthy or can be made to be healthier (with the addition of veggies , reduced carbs or better selections of proteins)
*doesn’t take forever to make
*includes some variety (i.e. isn’t chicken breast all week!)

To me, a capsule menu just means that I am not recreating everything from scratch every night, that I am making larger batches for lunches and leftovers, and I am not over-analyzing my micronutrients.

If you’d like some help creating your own capsule menu – please let me know. It’s easier than you might think!

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