Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Try this Tuesday: Use the New Food Guide as Just That - A Guide

As most of you know, the new Canada Food Guide came out recently. It’s a definite upgrade from the previous guide, and one of the best parts is the inclusion of holistic nutrition principals and behaviors like being mindful of your eating habits, cooking at home more often, enjoying your food, and eating your meals with others!

So often, we look at macronutrients to provide us with a perfect “style” of eating, but we fail to appreciate the importance of other factors like enjoying a beautiful home cooked meal with others instead of choking down a “healthy” meal that we don’t even like, while scrolling through IG on our phone – so mindlessly, that we’re somehow shocked when we’re done.

Let’s examine some of the positive changes and recommendations made in the new food guide, as they relate to food (and drink):

-water as the drink of choice (limiting sugary drinks)
-removal of “milk and milk products” as it’s own food group
-shift from portions to proportions (half your “plate” as vegetables and fruit)
-inclusion of more plant based proteins (although there’s nothing wrong with animal proteins)
-getting rid of juice as a fruit equivalent

Is it a perfect guide? NO. Is it an improvement? Definitely. At the end of the day, this is a GUIDE. It’s absolutely impossible to prescribe a diet that is perfect for 33 million people (nevermind 33 people)!  You simply have to experiment on your own body and see what works best for you. For some people, no grains work best. Some people do better with animal proteins than plant-based proteins. Some people do best with higher fat diets.

My advice is to use this as a GUIDE. Be your own guinea pig. Use some common sense. Do a little research. Tweak. Adjust. Enjoy. Still need help? Reach out. I'd love to help!

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