Friday, March 1, 2019

Food Fact Friday: Salad!

My accountability coaching clients are able to see exactly what I eat for every. single. meal. That definitely holds ME accountable in my own eating, but my clients are also able to see healthy eating and lifestyle patterns (which do include some indulgences and even a few “slips” - because that's LIFE). 

Recently, a couple of my clients have asked me about my (almost) daily salads, and what I put into them. So I decided to talk about this today on Food Fact Friday.

A huge chunk of our diet should be supplied by veggies. That’s why I love to eat salads (or hearty soups) pretty much daily. Here’s what an average daily salad of mine might have in it:

-a lot of leafy greens (mixed, and almost always includes kale – I cut up the leaves into small pieces and massage kale w/coconut oil)
-protein (often salmon or chicken)
-chopped pecans or other nuts (and sometimes seeds)
-sauerkraut (love wildbrine)
-dried apricots or cranberries or fresh apple
-homemade dressing

Seriously, how could you possibly not want this? If you start to grow tired of it, switch up the veggies (roast them instead of raw), make a new dressing, add some beets or jicama, throw in some sweet potato…the possibilities really are endless!

What do you love in YOUR salad? (If you need a good salad dressing recipe – let me know and I will send you mine)!

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