Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Try This Tuesday: Train for Life

I overheard a conversation last week at the end of spin class, and I thought it was funny. One person was talking to another about an event that they were training for (their reason for going to spin) and the other person laughed and said “Hell, I am just training for LIFE”!

Of course, this is very funny – but it’s also very smart! Life itself is akin to a marathon, and by keeping our bodies in good shape, we are in a better position to handle all that life throws at us!

For me, exercise is just as mentally beneficial (if not more) as it is physical. I love pushing my body, feeling discomfort, feeling like I can’t do it, and then working through it. At the end of most workouts, I feel strong and capable – both mentally and physically. I feel like I can ‘finish the race’.

I would encourage you all to train for your own life. Take care of your body. Feed it well, and find a type of exercise that you enjoy doing! Not sure where to start? Just start by walking.

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