Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Try This Tuesday: Use the 5P's!


I think this one is self-explanatory? This is a military adage taken from the British Army, and is strangely very useful when talking about nutrition (and anything worth doing, really). It’s actually “Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance” but I just left out the piss. 😇😂

If you’re all of a sudden planning on taking your diet from “decent at best” to “totally on point”, you have to plan in order to succeed! (And then maintain it). Your planning may involve using a meal delivery service, doing meal prep, or hiring a nutritionist - but either way, the planning needs to be done (and of course, the execution)!

Because life happens and “stuff” always comes up, it’s just as important to consider how to handle unplanned or challenging situations such as holidays and birthdays.

Accountability coaching can help in all of these situations. I’d love to help you Plan to Succeed. Find out more by visiting my website: www.stacyyates.com

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