Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Try This Tuesday: Take the Next Possible Smallest Action!

Daunting. Overwhelming. Impossible. Too much. Too hard. Why even try?

I get it. Feelings like these are horrible and can stop us from taking action towards any goal. In fact, these feelings can also throw us into a tailspin of taking even worse actions because we develop the “f%#k it” mentality.

In order to move towards any goal though, we always need to be taking SOME step towards it, regardless of how small it might seem. The secret is to break that daunting, overwhelming, impossible goal into smaller, and smaller steps: steps that might seem like they aren’t even going to even a damned thing. But the truth is that these small steps become building blocks for larger ones. And we must begin somewhere. We must begin where we are.

Small steps mean different things for everyone. A small step towards eating healthier may mean starting to include a vegetable or two to your day when you haven’t been eating them at all. Maybe it means starting to walk around the block for 5 minutes a day because you haven’t done any exercise in years. And maybe, for another person, it means skipping late night snack sessions, only eating out twice a week instead of 5x/week or reducing the amount of simple carbs they eat in their already pretty healthy diet.

This is why it’s really important to a) determine what your goal IS and b) where you are starting from. Once you know that, you can begin to break down your goals into manageable sizes and begin the work. You’ll only make changes IF the actions you’re introducing stick. It’s far more important to start with small actions and build upon them, rather than ‘biting off’ more than you can chew and having nothing stick – the way typical “diets” work.

So what’s the next possible smallest action YOU can take today, towards YOUR goals? If it’s regarding nutrition, it could simply be messaging me for more information on my 12-week accountability coaching program. Start somewhere today, and don’t wait for another Monday!

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