Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Try This Tuesday: Call it Something Fancy!

“Pureed nut butter with a grape relish reduction on a soft brioche bun” (AKA PB & J) 

“Al dente elbow pasta in a fromage cream sauce” (AKA kraft dinner) 😜

You get the idea. The description is what often “sells us” on something when we eat in restaurants or buy packaged food at the grocery store, and the same can be applied to the healthy food we make and eat!⠀

As Darya Rose writes in her book “Foodist”: “Would you rather eat a ‘healthy salad’ or a bowl of ‘crisp baby greens tossed with a cilantro-lime vinaigrette, salmon, sweet corn and heirloom tomatoes’”? I know what I’d choose! 

Changing the way we use language around healthy eating choices can have an effect on the way we view them. “Most people will choose tasty over healthy” but guess what? You don’t need to have to make a choice between the two! Healthy isn't at all synonymous with boring or bland! If you’re wanting to adopt (and stick to) an overall healthier lifestyle, start viewing and talking about healthy food in a different light! 

Caramelized, Citrusy, Creamy, Crisp, Delicate, Fresh, Fiery, Fruity, Hearty, Infused, Marinated, Nutty, Rich, Roasted, Robust, Sautéed, Smooth, Spicy, Sweet, Tangy, Tender, Zesty... 

So many options!

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