Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Try This Tuesday: Look for the Bright Spots

When you’re working on implementing new habits it can sometimes feel overwhelming, and that anything less than “perfect” simply isn’t good enough. But this thinking only perpetuates an unhelpful cycle of all-of-nothing behavior. (I’m not doing it right; it’s too hard; I can’t; I quit).

Instead, I encourage you to begin to look for the bright spots: any successful efforts you are already doing that are worth emulating; that are realistic, sustainable and can be developed further. You aren’t doing ALL THE THINGS wrong – you’re doing a lot right already. Focus on how to “grow” and foster those areas: What’s already working and how can you do more of it?

Note: This is a concept I picked up from the book “Switch: How to Change When Change is Hard” by Chip & Dan Heath. It was another great read on behavior change.

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