Tuesday, July 9, 2019

"Ideal" Weight

I recently shared with a client that I am not at my ideal weight. For some reason, in my head, I have long carried around this notion of what a “perfect weight” is for myself, and it’s not what I currently weigh. (It’s close, but not quite). But I also shared with her that my body has basically “settled” into what it is today, and that for me to lose 5-7lbs and achieve that idealized weight, I’d have to be ultra restrictive. (I’d basically be a skinnier yet unhappy bitch ☺) So it’s totally not worth it. (And you're welcome, Scott)!

Happiness for me includes red wine, cocktails, gummies, homemade cookies, an occasional blizzard, some popcorn at the movies, chips (because who doesn’t love chips), s’mores at the cabin, eating out a restaurant with friends, and taking a day or two or a week off working out because I freaking feel like it. That is a far better way to live, than to be constantly obsessed about what I am eating, or on a binge and restrict rollercoaster, because that “ideal weight” is unsustainable.

Remember that the best “diet” for you is a diet you can stick to. I can stick to my diet because it’s mostly pretty healthy (and delicious) and allows for foods that I love. The fact that I allow these foods I love into my diet enables me to eat healthy 80% of the time. I can honestly tell you that I can do this forever. My “diet” is flexible, but it follows some basic fundamentals that can be taken anywhere. There’s no diet book to follow, no crazy pills to take, and it’s extremely sensible.

Being obsessive about my food intake, the amount of physical activity I get, or the number on the scale is quite simply far too high a price to pay for my current joy and happiness. Is your obsession with food or a number on the scale getting in the way of your happiness?

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