Friday, September 20, 2019

My Social Media "Stance"

One of the negatives of my job as an accountability coach is the increased use of my phone. Basically, I am on it a lot. I review and respond multiple times daily to my clients’ food paths, offering ideas, feedback and suggestions for upgrading their food choices. Then, there is the social media portion. (The danger zone) I like to post pretty much daily on my private account for current clients, and often do a couple of live stories each week. Of course, once I am already ON Instagram, I will scroll for a bit (sometimes a lot) and often come across stuff that reminds me of what I should be doing better on social media for my main business account (the public account). 

The long story short is that this leads to increased comparison, procrastination, wasted time and usually makes me feel bad – especially because I see all the amazing things that people are doing and the negative self-talk ensues: “You aren’t doing THAT”; “Your posts aren’t as eloquent as HERS”; “You really need to step up your GAME for social media posts”!

Except the things is, that with a limited amount of time in a day, I actually believe that a much better use of my time is not actually crafting witty posts, taking perfectly styled pics, trying to figure out how to make a goddamned infographic on Canva, or even working on “content creation”– it’s actually serving my clients and their individual needs.

So if you’re a potential client, I’d encourage you to definitely check out my page (and my blog) – and you’ll see that it isn’t just about food and nutrition – it’s also about my own life, my love of coffee and wine, being a mom, doing silly things and eating amazing food. A better representation of what I do in my business is my website, client testimonials, and possibly even talking with people who have completed my program. “Experts” may argue that this is a mistake and a poor use of social media, but I will take my chances because this just feels right!

Furthermore, I think we tend to overemphasize the FOOD part of nutrition and don’t give the rest more credit: Mindset, environment, community and lifestyle are just as important – if not more. I’d like to think that all the effort I have put into the content I have created for my clients reflects this, and they realize that I have more to offer than photos of food. I am doing my best to live what I preach.

Going forward, I am giving myself permission to post as frequently or as infrequently as I want, with whatever content I want and just use my social media as an expression of who I am as a person: realistic, pragmatic, imperfect, silly, a mom, and a work-in-progress whose life is about more than just eating perfectly all the time.

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