Friday, December 13, 2019

Three Options

The way I see it, you always have three options:

You can make excuses and essentially “argue” for your previous outcomes.

You can come up with creative solutions by yourself, or with the help of others, to go over, under or around your previously thought of impossible roadblock(s).

Or, you can simply re-evaluate and breakdown your goals into smaller parts.

Here’s the thing. If you “choose” option one, you have no right to complain or bitch about it. 

If you choose option two, you MAY need some help navigating that obstacle – and that is perfectly ok. 

And if you choose three, you sometimes have to break it down into the lowest possible unit OR scrap the goal entirely if you realize that it just isn’t in your heart.

 You can apply this to pretty much any area of your life. 

Don’t feel like going for a walk? Tell yourself you’ll only go for 5 minutes. Guess what? The fresh air and movement will feel good, and you'll want to do more. 

Don’t feel like wrapping your Christmas gifts? (Current mood). Tell yourself you’ll only do ONE. Spoiler alert: You’ll do more than that because it's all there anyway! 

Don’t want to food prep? Cut up ONE bell pepper. (Who the hell can’t do THAT)? Guess what? You'll figure out that you can do a few more while you're at it. 

Try this trick on yourself, and check out the video about Mini-Habits in my link in bio. I'm currently using it to get a meditation practice to finally "stick", by promising to sit down for 2 minutes each morning. Guess what? I usually stay longer ;) 

Anyone else tired of choosing option #1? 

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